What Termite Season Means For Lewisville Property Owners


Termites can work nonstop. They are simple organisms that don't require sleep. The only thing that will slow them down is cold temperatures, and it rarely gets cold enough in Lewisville to make termites come to a complete stop. So why is this the beginning of termite season? There are a few reasons, and it is important that you understand them if you want to protect your Lewisville property from termite damage.


When the air gets hot, the ground temperature slowly warms up. As the temperature of the ground warms up, termites become more active. This will have them exploring more, and exploring greater distances. A worker termite can travel as far as the length of a football field in search of food sources on a hot summer day. This means a colony can attack your home and not even be on your property—that is assuming your home isn't one hundred and fifty yards from your property line on all sides.


When it rains a lot, or floods happen, termites thrive. There are two primary reasons for this.

  • A termite worker has thin skin that must stay moist. If its skin dries out, the worker termite dies. This need for moisture attracts workers to areas that are damp, and when they find dampness, they're able to move like well-oiled machines.
  • Heavy rains and flooding can lead to wood rot, and rotting wood is ideal for termites; it is much easier to consume than dry, healthy timbers. When termites find a food source that is easy to consume, they're able to grow their colonies much faster.

Spring rains mixed with warm weather get termite season going. Heavy rains in fall brings termite season to a close. But that doesn't mean termites are done feeding. It just means that the ground is drier than they prefer, and they'll find less damp, rotting wood to consume.

Termite Swarms

As we head into termite season, termites kick things off with a bang. This is the time of year when termite colonies send female and male alates out in search of locations to establish new nests. We call these winged termites "swarmers" because they swarm together as they select their mates. These swarms don't last for more than thirty minutes and they don't travel far. If you see swarmers on your property, it is important that you realize what those swarmers mean. They're not a warning sign that you're about to have trouble with termites. All of the swarmers are letting you know that there is a mature nest nearby. When termite swarmers come into your yard to create a nest, it is likely that they will have broken away from the group and paired off. You might only have one female and one male come into your yard to create a nest, and they'll be easy to miss. Those little swarmers are only about 3/8 of an inch long, and they're not going to stay topside for long. They'll shed their wings and tunnel into the ground.

How To Prevent Termites From Damaging Your Home

For protection from termite damage in Lewisville Texas, reach out to Texas Star Pest & Termite. We have termite control solutions that work to protect your property from termite damage 365 days a year. When termites come into your yard to threaten your property, your termite control will stop them in their tracks. Get connected with us today to discuss the options that are available for your specific needs and budget. We're standing by to help.