A Comprehensive Cockroach Guide For Lewisville Homeowners


Cold weather, ice, and snow tend to push the thought of pests to the back of our minds, but some creepy crawlies aren’t too concerned about the temperature – and they are headed straight to your home. Lewisville residents normally find winters to be mild and wet, allowing cockroaches to survive and thrive no matter what’s going on outside. There are three species of roaches that are particularly common in the North Texas area: American, German, and Oriental cockroaches. While each of these cockroaches appears in different color patterns, sizes, and wing coverage, an infestation from any of these is a recipe for danger, disease, and disaster in the home.

Cockroaches are filth-loving creatures that can spread bacteria and parasites simply by crawling over a surface. After all, these insects aren’t fond of washing their hands. Once a home or business is contaminated, the repercussions may be sudden, severe, and even life-threatening. In severe cases, some people may develop severe allergies or asthmatic attacks when around a roach colony. Commercial properties experiencing the dire effects of any pest infestation may lose a significant portion of their customer base or even be closed down permanently.

Keeping roaches out of the home is a process that begins with you. Roll up your sleeves and prepare to dig deep as we at Texas Star Pest & Termite relate the most important pointers Lewisville homeowners should know about preventing the mighty, malicious cockroach.

Lewisville Cockroach Prevention 101

Cockroaches can find their way into a home with relative ease, squeezing through cracks underneath doorways, windows, and even shingles. Most species do not fly, but the American cockroach is known to use their long wings to their advantage while scouting for a suitable place to call home. In order to keep cockroaches out of your home, try:

  • Installing weather stripping underneath doors, windows, and other openings.
  • Caulking all fissures or gaps that bugs may be able to squeeze through.
  • Keeping the home as clean and tidy as possible, limiting crumbs and garbage.
  • Calling your local professional pest control team about year-round pest prevention programs and their pest management programs.

Not sure if cockroach activity is what’s plaguing your home? Get an inspection today from the trained professionals at Texas Star Pest & Termite today.

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Finding cockroaches in your home can be a scary experience. Getting them out of the house for good shouldn’t be. If you’re faced with a cockroach infestation or another serious pest concern, the best way to make sure you get rid of the entire infestation is to contact the professionals at Texas Star Pest & Termite. We have been delivering quality pest control to quality people since 1968. Experience the revolutionary difference that Texas Star can make by contacting us today!