Dallas, TX Homeowners' Helpful Guide To Mouse Control


The biggest mistake most people make when it comes to pest control is only worrying about it when an infestation is apparent. In truth, you need to be preventative instead of reactive, especially when it comes to common and potentially dangerous pests like rodents. Learning how to keep mice out of your home entirely, not just addressing them once they're already there, is important for every Dallas homeowner.

The Common House Mouse: What To Know

All kinds of pests are good at finding ways inside buildings and areas where they can lay low. That's what makes them pests, after all. But house mice are in a league of their own when it comes to damaging your property and thriving in your home and its day-to-day activities. Their ability to get indoors is right in their name, "house mouse." These tiny rodents are practically bred to target places where human activity provides them with food, water, and shelter. But, they also know that we don't want them there, so they hide from sight and are good at keeping the signs of their activity to a minimum -- that is, until the population grows so large that it's obvious. It's never too early to worry about whether your home might already be a victim of a house mouse infestation.

The Dangers Associated With Mice

Mice aren't just annoying invaders; they are actual health risks, too. Here are some of the real harms that a rodent population can introduce to your home:

  • Disease: Rodents carry diseases like tularemia and salmonellosis, which can be passed on to people or pets.
  • Allergies: The presence of pests in your home can also lead to worsened allergies because of all the foreign dander they generate. For those with respiratory illnesses like asthma, a mouse problem can be a serious health concern.
  • Parasites: Rodents are also known to carry parasites like ticks and fleas, both of which can also spread unique diseases to people.
  • Damage: We haven't even touched on the significant damage mice cause yet. With their ever-growing front teeth, they chew on anything and everything, leading to marks and holes, and even damage to wiring and pipes.

Mouse Prevention Tips & Tricks For Dallas Homeowners

To avoid serious problems, you need to take early preventative action around your property. Don't wait to get started on the following smart pest control measures:

  • Food Storage: Not only should you not leave food lying out (even pet food), you should also spare a thought for how easily a mouse could chew through food packaging. Flimsy plastic is no obstacle for their teeth.
  • Trash Storage: The same goes for your trash, which mice will raid to find all that they need and more.
  • Deep Cleaning: It won't matter how well your food and trash are stored if mice can simply find crumbs areas of your home that are hard for you to reach. That's why you need to deep clean regularly, especially under heavy appliances.

Rodent Control With Texas Star Pest & Termite

While early prevention on your part can only help your cause, the best and most effective way to protect your home from pests is with the help of experts. At Texas Star Pest & Termite, we can assist you with all these mouse control steps, making sure that nothing gets missed that might attract them to your home. Not only can our inspections help you determine the best areas of your property to focus on, our proven treatments and elimination methods are the only guaranteed way to eliminate a problem.

Rather than waste your money on store-bought products or try at-home methods that likely won't work, turn directly to professionals with a proven track record of success. For overall pest protection for your Dallas home, contact Texas Star Pest & Termite today.