A Handy Rat Control Guide For Lewisville Property Owners


When rodents invade residential homes, problems soon follow. Between the property damage they cause, the various diseases they can spread, and the parasites they bring inside with them, rats are a problem you can’t afford to allow inside. And once one gets inside, they’ll bring all their friends with them, or start breeding a new family of their own inside your walls.

Unfortunately, there are a number of factors that put homeowners in the Lewisville area at high risk for rodent infestation. Luckily, there are steps you can take to prevent them that can lower your risk for these damaging and dangerous pests. Let’s take a closer look at some of the many problems rats can cause as well as the preventive measures you can take to keep them out.

Rats In Lewisville

There are two primary species of rats that infest homes in Lewisville: Norway rats and roof rats.

Norway rats are the larger of the two species, with tails shorter than their body, a stocky appearance, and smaller ears than roof rats. They are brown with scattered black hairs; gray to white underside with a blunt muzzle and typically measure 7-9 ½ inches long. They reach reproductive maturity within several weeks. Norway rats are great swimmers, and tend to be the most problematic in coastal or downtown areas. Unfortunately, Lewisville Lake means that homes in the area are never too far from the type of environment Norway rats thrive in.

Roof rats are smaller and sleeker, with tails that are longer than their bodies, light undersides with a long thin with scaly tail, large ears, and large eyes. They usually measure about 16 inches in length total, 6-8 inches in body and another 6-8 in tail. While Norway rats are prolific swimmers, roof rats are excellent climbers, which is why they are typically found in attics when they come indoors.

Problems Rats Bring To Lewisville Homes

Rats carry all types of diseases that affect humans such as endemic typhus, rat bite fever, and even bubonic plague. Even outside of viruses and bacteria, the other biological elements they leave behind (like their fur, droppings, urine, and the oil they leave behind on surfaces they rub against) can cause mild to severe allergic reactions in many people.

Beyond putting your health in danger, rats are also a considerable danger to your property. Rodents have front incisors that never stop growing, causing them to constantly gnaw on anything they can find in order to wear them down. If they’re in your house, this means hundreds of dollars in property damage, and even problems like house fires should they come into contact with electrical wiring.

Preventing Rats In Your Lewisville Home

With so much at stake, preventing rats from getting inside is essential. Here are some great tips you can use to help:

  • Keep all food sources locked in gnaw proof cabinets or containers.
  • Seal all points of entry including cracks around doors and windows.
  • Screen dryer vents and chimney openings.
  • Repair all holes in fascia and soffit boards immediately.
  • Sealed garbage bins and dispose of it regularly.
  • Remove scrap wood, empty boxes and cartons so they cannot harbor rats.
  • Repair leaking or sweating faucets, sprinklers, and other piping to deny water.

It’s also important to know the warning signs of a rat infestation so that you can contact a professional as soon as possible should they get inside. Here are some key symptoms of a rodent infestation you should be aware of:

  • Signs of gnawing on plastic wood or rubber materials.
  • Droppings found close to a rat runway or feeding location.
  • Gnawing sounds from attic, subfloor areas and wall spaces.
  • Sighting them on fence posts, in your garden, or in your basement.
  • Burrows in the ground near foundation or slab and pipes.
  • Holes in your exterior and interior walls and finish boards

Unfortunately, getting rid of an active rat infestation as a homeowner can be difficult or even impossible. It can be costly and even dangerous to attempt, and you could end up making the problem worse if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why it’s always best to leave rodent infestations to the professionals.

If you spot signs of a rat problem, call us at Texas Star Pest and Termite and we can quickly rid you of them and leave your home cleaner and safer for your family.