Lewisville's Helpful Guide To Effective Mosquito Control


Having ongoing pest remediation is more of a necessity than you may think. Insects and creatures can penetrate your Lewisville, TX home or business without you knowing, and most are detrimental. They can ruin your belongings, hurt you, or cause you to be ill. You can be exposed to diseases through germs or by direct transmission. The latter applies to mosquitoes. Due to this, relevant professionals deem them the most medically dangerous bugs in the world. These insects bite both humans and animals to drink their blood and survive. Outcomes can be dire for their prey.

What’s worse is that you can draw mosquitoes to you accidentally. You should take some time to understand more about this, so you can dodge the inadvertent pitfalls. Not only will you make it less likely that you’ll have itchy and red welts on your body, but you could also avoid a hospital trip. You can learn how to stop mosquitoes overall with the help of Texas Star Pest and Termite.

Keep Your Natural Body Chemistry In Mind

Blood is critical to the egg production and sustenance of mosquitoes, which is why they’re so eager to bite you. The fluid that is from pregnant women or Type O blood is preferable to them, according to scientific experiments. It’s detectable through bodily liquids and hormones. For instance, once your temperature rises to the point of cultivating sweat with attracting ammonia and acid.

Be Picky With Your Beverages & Wardrobe

The content and odor of alcohol will seep through your pores, so think twice before you consume wine, beer, liquor, or a similar beverage. When it comes to your clothes, always opt for something luminous and colorful. Like many bugs, mosquitoes depend on their sight to locate prey. It’s really easy for these pests to spot blue, black, and other dark hues.

Watch Your Watch & Your Surroundings

Mosquitoes will swarm around standing pools of water in droves because the liquid is necessary for them to flourish and procreate. Be on alert while you’re around rivers, lakes, ponds, and so forth. If you’d like to take a dive somewhere or walk your dog near the local meadow, prepare to fight off mosquitoes. These flying pests are most active after the sun sets.

Additional Mosquito Facts & Prevention Tips

In terms of size, mosquitoes are 0.12 to 0.35 of an inch long generally. Their legs are very fine, and their noses are pronounced. A pair of wings gets them in the air. Nectar is among the primary things they feed on. The females are the only ones that suck blood. Open doors and windows are normally how they penetrate properties. Damp and dark spaces with moisture and low traffic, such as a laundry room or closet, are where they’ll settle. After a mosquito bite, you may encounter the following:

  • Inflammation or swelling of the skin
  • Severe skin irritation
  • Encephalitis
  • West Nile Virus
  • Zika virus

Perform these tasks to deter mosquitoes:

  • Burn candles with essential oils like clove and rosemary.
  • Set mosquito traps; remember to wash them routinely.
  • Regularly drain swimming areas and dry pet drinking bowls.
  • Trim grass and greenery frequently.
  • Distance flowers, plants, and shrubs from the property by two feet.
  • Get debris and dirt out of gutters and vents.

Texas Star Pest And Termite Mosquito Extermination

Standard preventative approaches for mosquitoes can be quite limited in effectiveness. Case in point, the flame from an essential oil candle will emit magnetizing carbon monoxide. It’s best to rely on our advanced, high-quality home pest control resources at Texas Star Pest and Termite. Our experienced technicians will utilize potent spraying, fogging, and misting systems designed to eliminate mosquito populations long term. Guarantees are attached. When you call today, you’ll be offered a free inspection!