3 Things You Can Do To Avoid Pests This Thanksgiving

thanksgiving dinner

If you like eating food and spending time with family, Thanksgiving is the holiday for you. The only problem is that every year, pests ruin this day across the United States. Whether it is a fly buzzing around the food on the table or a cockroach found in the gravy, nothing turns turkey day sour faster than unwanted pest guests. For this reason, we have compiled 3 great things you can do to avoid pests this Thanksgiving. Let’s dive in.

Problems Pest Cause

You already know that pests can be annoying, but did you know that they can be dangerous as well? It’s true. Pests like cockroaches and rodents bring a number of dangers into the homes they invade. For one they both can carry and transmit diseases. Through bacteria carried on and inside their bodies, they spread pathogens across countertops, kitchen tables, and food. This can be especially troublesome around Thanksgiving when leaving food out before the big day. If your guests eat a contaminated meal, they could be in store for an unexpected trip to the hospital.

Prevention Tips For Pests

To keep pests away from your home this Thanksgiving, consider these three prevention steps:

1. Limit Entry Points. To do this, examine the exterior of your home for any openings pests could use to get inside. Use a caulking gun to seal small gaps or cracks in your foundation, along with door and window frames, and around utility piping. In addition, make sure your screens have no tears, all of your exterior doors have door sweeps, and any unscreened windows or doors are kept closed as much as possible.

2. Eliminate Food Sources. Do your best not to leave food out this Thanksgiving. Store leftover food inside an airtight glass, plastic, or metal containers. If you have pets, make sure you pick up and clean out their food and water bowls before going to bed at night. Finally, keep your home as clean as possible. The less food that pests can find, the less likely they will be to stick around, even if they do get inside.

3. Hire A Professional Pest Control Provider. There is no better way to keep pests out of your home this Thanksgiving than with professional pest control services. If you need to ensure your home remains pest-free or don’t have the time or energy to fight back pests on your own, this is the option for you.

Pests You Can Expect This Thanksgiving

Typically, the pests trying to ruin your Thanksgiving are the ones after your food. Rodents, cockroaches, and pantry pests are all great examples. Although these pests invade homes in different ways, they all enter for one main reason—to find food. Cockroaches and rodents, once inside, will hide and wait for nighttime to come out and feed. Pantry pests like beetles and moths, on the other hand usually invade packaged food before it even enters your home. Most of the time this happens at the supermarket, or even at a processing facility where the food is packaged. Take extra care to check boxes of food for holes or damage before bringing them home this year for your Thanksgiving feast.

How Texas Star Pest & Termite Can Help

If your home is vulnerable to a pest invasion, Texas Star Pest and Termite is here to help. We are committed to keeping as many homes as possible pest-free this Thanksgiving. With your permission, we would be happy to take your home under our protection. To find out what quality and unmatched pest control services look like for your Texas home, give us a call today.