Four Signs Of Termites To Watch For Around Your Lewisville Property


Sometimes, the biggest forms of destruction can come from the smallest of causes. Termites may be tiny insects, but they do a tremendous amount of damage to human homes and businesses. That’s why every property owner should make sure that they’re taking steps to prevent termite colonies from forming -- and quickly turn to professionals at the first sign of infestation.

Termites 101: What You Need To Know

Did you know termites can be helpful to the areas they inhabit? While it’s true that they chew through wood and can deal big blows to properties, termites can also assist with agriculture. They are nature’s irrigators, carving tunnels through soils that help deliver water to subterranean plant roots. Their droppings also provide nutrients to the soils, which plants convert into energy. Like bees, termites can benefit the environment but need to be controlled so as not to pose larger issues for human civilization. That’s why it’s important to learn how you can control termites in your area because even one property where termites thrive can cause big trouble for surrounding homes. While all termites spend nearly their entire lives underground, the reproductive members of their colonies grow wings and swarm out to find nearby areas to form new colonies. They don’t care about property lines or the social importance we may place on them, they simply look for available soil and easy access to wood. From there, the problem can only grow.

Why Termites Are Tough To Spot

Aside from the flying termites, the alates, that you might see, most termites go entirely unseen by human eyes. They completely avoid the light of the surface. Instead, they burrow through soils and chew through whatever wood they can find. That means their damage isn’t usually found on surface woods and property owners often don’t see termite damage until it’s so extensive that it’s resulted in more visible side effects. Some lucky property owners will spot evidence of termites while they’re doing unrelated demolition on their property, like knocking down a wall or doing some other kind of renovations. Even then, by the time termites -- which typically form outdoors first -- have reached structural wood, a colony is too large for average property owners to get under control. That’s why the smart thing to do is keep up on routine inspection of your property, inside and out, by pest professionals who know what to look for.

Signs Of Termites On Your Property

Again, there’s no substitute for a trained set of eyes when it comes to spotting termites early, before they do serious damage. Most of the signs of termite damage aren’t even obvious until a colony has grown out of control. Here are the four most common signs of termite activity, but don't wait until you notice them before you take steps to prevent termites.

  • Frass: Termites leave fine, sawdust-like frass in the wake of their destruction. While you might not notice the holes and wood damage directly, you may notice this wood dust around walls and floorboards.
  • Bulging wood: As termites chew through wood, the surface of the material warps and bulges due to the disruption of its surface tension. If you notice bulging or drooping wall segments, this is a sure sign that termite damage is prevalent.
  • Doors & windows: The other byproduct of termite damage is doors or windows that no longer fit right in their frames. If you notice suddenly tight or loose-fitting windows or doors, call professionals immediately.
  • Clicking: This sign is extremely unlikely to be detected because everything has to be perfectly silent and still for you to notice the faint sounds from within your walls. However, termite soldiers will periodically knock their heads against woods to send messages, which can be heard if you listen carefully.

Contact The Pros Immediately

You’ll notice that most of those signs of termite activity aren’t apparent until they’ve already been there for too long. That’s the truly frightening part of their behavior: you likely won’t notice it before it’s too late to avoid serious costs. That’s why the best form of termite prevention comes from professionals who know all the ways that colonies form and attack properties. At Texas Star Pest & Termite, our expert technicians can inspect your property inside and out for signs of termites or the factors that might attract them to your yard and structures. Our proven treatments can ward off termites better than any DIY methods can, and only professional means can completely eradicate termite colonies efficiently.

Don’t wait for termites to move in before you deal with termite control on your property, contact us today.