Is Professional Pest Control Necessary For Getting Rid Of Rodents In Dallas?


It can be tempting to try to solve pest problems on your own. Maybe you think it will be faster, cheaper, or more effective than seeking professional help. But rodents demonstrate why DIY isn’t the best option. 

Rodents can survive traps, baits, and more to continue thriving off the shelter and resources found in local properties, meaning you’ll have wasted time, money, and effort just to allow the problem to grow right back. Local experts provide proven treatments and expertise that help fully eliminate the problem. For effective rodent control in Dallas and surrounding areas, contact Texas Star Pest today. 

How To Spot A Rodent Problem

Many types of rodents invade local properties, but the signs of an infestation are often similar regardless of the species. Rodents leave their urine and feces behind at night for people to discover the next day, along with signs of property damage that result from their constant chewing and scratching. It’s important to act quickly if you spot signs of rodent activity so professionals can eliminate the problem right away.  

Here are the signs of a rodent problem to watch out for: 

  • Droppings: Rats and mice have different sizes and shapes of droppings, but spotting them around your home is often the first and only sign people get that they have a rodent problem. 
  • Bite and claw marks: Rodents have teeth that grow their whole lives, so they must file them down by biting on hard surfaces. They also claw their way through furniture, containers, and walls to make nesting areas. 
  • Damaged food packaging: Rodents can easily chew through cardboard and plastic, so spotting holes in stored food items or products left out in the open is a sure sign of rodent activity. 

Act on house rodents quickly by turning to Texas Star Pest for removal. 

The Cost Of Delayed Rodent Removal: Health Risks And Property Damage

The longer a rodent problem goes unaddressed or incompletely handled, the more risk you run of larger consequences around your home. Rodents can hide in walls and attics, where you cannot easily reach them with traditional treatments, and they will burrow deeper into a property to avoid being removed. 

As rodents hunker down, the health impacts and property damage they lead to can be severe. We’ve already covered how they damage property in multiple ways, but they can also spread diseases like salmonellosis. Plus, rodents can carry ticks and fleas, which themselves can spread to humans and pets and lead to separate infestations to have to deal with. This is why it’s better to contact experts right away than try to deal with rodents on your own. 

Contact Texas Star Pest to learn how we can help you.

Why Effective Rodent Prevention Is Essential

You can avoid rodents in Texas by taking early action to lower your risk and keep pest populations out. Common sense practices like regular deep cleaning and proper food storage can help, but it’s best to have a professional inspect your entire property to identify any other attractants or areas of vulnerability. 

Texas Star Pest is happy to provide inspections to Dallas property owners, helping them identify problems early on so they don’t lead to larger problems. Get started on proper rodent protection for your property by contacting us today. 

Professional Rodent Control: The Safe Way To Protect Your Home

Hopefully, by now it’s clear that professional rodent control is better than trying to deal with mice or rats on your own. Not only do professional methods work better to quickly address the problem, but they provide ongoing protection so you never have to worry about rodents again. 

Trying DIY can be a waste of money — and, more crucially, time. The longer you give pests like rodents to dig in and repopulate, the more exposure you have to the persistent problems they cause. Get started on effective rodent control near you by contacting Texas Star Pest today.