What Makes Mice In Lewisville So Hard To Keep Out?


When you’re falling asleep and hear a mysterious noise in the house, what’s the first thing you think about? Probably not mice. Any security systems we have in place in our Lewisville homes are supposed to keep the burglars out, but they won't deter rodents.

Even a small mouse problem can cause destruction and introduce health hazards into your house, so maybe it’s time for you to think about other kinds of home security as well.

House Mice Hazards

Keeping your home secure from mice is essential because of the dangerous bacteria and diseases they’re able to track into your home. They wouldn’t be so dangerous if they spent all of their time in residential homes, but, unfortunately, they don’t. In fact, when they’re not in your house, mice love hanging out anywhere that is an easy food source including landfills, dumpsters, and sewers.

Concerningly, even if it takes a mouse days to find a way into your home after collecting bacteria in these unsanitary places, they’ll still be able to spread diseases like salmonella all over your house. Plus, they don’t even need to come in contact with you to spread these diseases; they’ll contaminate surfaces in the house like the floors, furniture, and kitchen counters. They’re also notorious carriers of fleas and ticks. These other parasites put you and your pets at risk and open up the possibility of contracting a variety of other harmful diseases.

While the health hazards are concerning, mice aren’t that kind to your wallet, either. Equipped with razor-sharp teeth, mice will chew through a variety of materials, such as insulation, linens, and electrical wiring causing expensive damage and even putting the safety of your family at risk.

Mouse Prevention: An Exercise In Futility

Since mice have such a talent for chewing through materials like walls and wires, this allows them to gain access to your home pretty easily. If there is even the smallest opening, mice will chew away at the space until they create a gap big enough to access your home. You see, mice are only three inches long (not including the tail), and they can squeeze through holes that are approximately the size of a dime.

Once they get inside, they’re nearly impossible to get rid of with basic home remedies. Your go-to solution may be traps or poison, but these lead to inconsistent results and pose a danger to pets and children in the home.

One thing you need to understand about mice is how prolific they are. You might manage to trap one or two each week, but at the same time, they’re producing litters of 10-20 offspring. Do the math. Your traps and poison aren’t exactly fixing the problem.

Another way to deter mouse activity on your property is to change their environment constantly. That means moving around lawn decorations, woodpiles, and outdoor furniture. This will leave them feeling unsettled, which hopefully will drive them away from your property. However, with the severe health risks that come with along with mice activity in your home, you don't want to take any risks of developing an out-of-control infestation.

When it comes to the health and safety of your family and property, you want to go with the professional, guaranteed solution. The very best way to prevent or eradicate mouse activity in your Lewisville home is to trust the local pest professionals at Texas Star Pest and Termite. With so much on the line, you need the guaranteed protection that comes with affordable, effective, and convenient pest control. Give us a call today to put an end to your pest problems for good