Mosquitoes In Dallas: A Comprehensive Prevention And Control Guide For Property Owners


Protecting against mosquito bites and swarms of flying, biting insects is an absolute must. These pests cause irritating, raised, itchy welts and lead to allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. It’s no fun swatting at these insects or covering your skin in smelly lotions and sprays to keep mosquitoes at bay. However, you can help repel them by contacting a Dallas pest control professional for help.

Knowledgeable pest technicians can determine the best way to deter mosquito infestations on your property and apply effective control products. Regularly treat your property to keep pests from hanging around and remove attractants.

About The Mosquito Life Cycle

To understand how to implement mosquito control, you must learn about this insect’s life cycle. The right timing involves knowing when to apply effective products to eliminate mosquito eggs and larvae and stop breeding. When the temperatures rise and the rainy season starts or the humidity is high, mosquitoes are more active.

Female mosquitoes leave their eggs in water to hatch; they soon become wrigglers or larvae. Eventually, larvae transform into the pupal stage and later emerge as adult mosquitoes. Once mature, mosquitoes will start to breed and reproduce.

Mosquitoes Can Do A Lot Of Damage In Their Short Life

Mosquitoes in Dallas are a hassle to eliminate and control without professional products and pest management services. These pests may transmit parasites and bacteria through their bites, leading to health ailments. Thankfully, the chance of becoming sick following a mosquito bite is rare but exercise caution if medical attention is necessary.

These insects are part of the ecosystem as pollinators and serve as a food source for other insects, birds, and aquatic life. However, mosquitoes can cause sensitive individuals to break into hives or develop a severe reaction at the bite site. Some of the following diseases spread by mosquitoes include:

  • West Nile virus
  • Malaria
  • Dengue fever

Remove attractants that help mosquitoes survive and thrive on your property. Eliminate standing water in buckets, clogged gutters, moisture buildup from leaking plumbing, and pools. Cover your skin when outside and wear long sleeves and pant legs. And most importantly, schedule a visit from Texas Star Pest to treat your property for mosquitoes to help reduce their numbers. 

Natural And Effective Mosquito Prevention Tips

It’s wise to practice prevention tips before mosquito numbers swell on your property. Besides contacting the professionals to treat your home and yard to eliminate mosquitoes, there are effective, natural ways to prevent these pests. One of the easiest things you can do is eliminate breeding sites and cover up entry points. Add screens to windows, doors, and covers over vents and air conditioners.

If you are going outside, wear light-colored clothing that adequately covers legs and arms, and wear a hat. Try spritzing your environment and clothing with lemon eucalyptus oil, camphor, or citronella. Change your diet and eat more garlic and other foods that repel mosquitoes. If you have a pool or birdbath, install covers, drain them, or add products that kill mosquito eggs and larvae.

Professional Mosquito Control Offers Top Quality Protection

The best way to avoid mosquito bites or get rid of mosquitoes is not to stay hidden away indoors. Get professional mosquito control from your friendly pest management service. These biting insects are annoying, make an irritating buzz as they fly by, and can thrive indoors and out. Removing food sources, moisture, and hiding spots is wise so mosquitoes cannot take over your property.

Instead of coating yourself with questionable products to ward off mosquitoes, have your property regularly treated for pests. Run a fan indoors or outside to deter mosquitoes and have a technician apply products where these pests love to spend their time most. Reach out to Texas Star Pest & Termite to thwart mosquitoes and fully enjoy your summer.