The Best Mosquito Control Solution For Your Dallas Yard


When you try to spend time out in your Dallas yard, do you worry about mosquitoes biting? These pests are all over the place in our area and have a bad habit of annoying and threatening property owners. The question is, do you know how to stop them? We are going to take some time today to consider the dangers of mosquitoes and offer some options for pest control in Dallas to deal with these pests in your yard.

For direct help with these pests, call our team at Texas Star Pest & Termite. We have amazing strategies to deal with these biting insects and can quickly deal with infestations you are having on your property.

The Life Cycle Of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are odd insects. They are primarily odd because of the way they breed and feed their young. First off, neither males nor female mosquitoes drink blood. Females only gather blood to provide nutrients for their eggs. Next, she looks for a pool of stagnant water to lay these eggs inside. These eggs will hatch if this pool remains undisturbed for four to seven days. These eggs develop through four larvae stages, then to pupa, then to adulthood. Adults then mature within 24 hours and are ready to breed. If there are enough sources of blood and access to breeding grounds on your property, you will have a lot of trouble with different types of mosquitoes. 

The Potential Dangers Of A Mosquito Bite

There is no denying that mosquitoes are annoying. What most people do not consider, however, is that these pests can also be dangerous. These pests harm humans by spreading harmful blood-borne diseases like malaria, West Nile virus, and dengue fever. These conditions are most commonly spread in third-world countries where there is little access to medical services. In the United States, outbreaks are quickly addressed by professionals from the CDC and other organizations. Keeping this in mind, there is still the risk of sickness when these pests are around.

To avoid getting sick, you have to find a way to get rid of mosquitoes for good. We will talk more about your options for mosquito control in just a bit.

How To Remove Factors That Attract Mosquitoes To Your Yard

If you are here today looking for home remedies for mosquitoes in your yard, you will not be leaving empty-handed. There are many great strategies you can do on your own to reduce the populations of these pests. Here are four methods we recommend:

  1. Eliminate sources of rainwater build-up around your property.

  2. Fix any damage to your gutters and make sure they are working properly.

  3. Change the water in ornate pools and bird baths at least once every four to five days.

  4. Consider stocking large bodies of fresh water on your property with mosquito fish.

For more help avoiding mosquito bites on your property, consider investing in professional home pest control courtesy of Texas Star Pest & Termite.

The Most Successful Mosquito Control For Your Yard

With so many pest control companies in our area, choosing a provider for your care is hard. It would simplify things if we met all of your needs, wouldn’t it? If you are still on the fence about mosquito control or are not sure if we are right for you, talk with our team. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and walk you through our services.

Contact our team at Texas Star Pest & Termite now to better understand our offerings and find out why we are your best option to deal with mosquitoes in Texas.