A Handy Guide To Effective Wasp Control For Dallas Properties


Dallas, Texas, claims to be a melting pot bringing together different lifestyles, cultures, and religions. Seeing the area's uniqueness happens when you walk through busy city streets or stroll through historical landmarks. Dallas blends the old with the new through various areas such as the arts, music, and food. Different types of wasps frequently buzz around Dallas, making them dangerous pests to control. Of all the types of wasps living in Dallas, three commonly make a nuisance of themselves.

What Kind Of Wasps Are Commonly Found In Dallas?

Wasps are often confused with other stinging insects in the Dallas area. Dallas residents need to be able to recognize what wasps are common in their area. Because wasp removal can be dangerous, property owners must be proactive in preventing different wasps from establishing nests on their properties.

Three wasps common to the Dallas area are the following:

  1. Paper wasp: One distinct difference is the paper wasp's slimmer waist. This wasp is brown; it has yellow marks on its thorax and head and yellow bands on its abdomen. These wasps can be confused with yellow jackets. Another type of paper wasp has a reddish-brown coloration over its body.
  2. Bald-faced wasp (hornet): Another yellow jacket "look-alike," this wasp's body is black and has a white face. Out of all the wasps, the bald-faced wasp is the largest. 
  3. Yellowjackets: Yellowjackets are a wasp (contrary to popular belief). It has a black body, a black antenna, and yellow bands. They are a bit larger than a bee.

Little-Known Ways Wasps Are Attracted To Your Dallas Yard

If you are ever wondering why wasps are frequenting your property, it is probably because they find it appealing. Sometimes the things you put in your yard can be a great attraction to wasps. The most significant step to wasp control is identifying what brings them to your property in the first place.

Things that will attract wasps to your yard include:

  • Flowers and plants like Queen Anne's lace, yarrow, marigolds, forsythia, and sweet fennel can make wasp control difficult.
  • Ripe fruit that falls to the ground is a perfect food for wasps.
  • Sugary foods that are left outside can attract wasps.
  • Yards that have prime sheltering areas for wasps to place their nests.
  • An overabundance of insects in yards that wasps find attractive

How To Reduce/Eliminate Wasps From Your Dallas Property

Deterring wasps from your property can be a challenge. Property owners can unknowingly roll out the red carpet for wasps by allowing certain conditions to exist on their properties.

Six ways to establish wasp deterrents at your Dallas property are as follows:

  1. Keep window and door screens in good repair.
  2. Repair damaged vents to prevent nests from being built.
  3. Repair any crevices, cracks, and gaps around your building.
  4. Establish plants on the property that repel wasps.
  5. Trim back shrubs and tree limbs that can harbor wasps.
  6. Place any garbage in trash cans with tight-fitted lids.

The Best Solution To Your Dallas Wasp Problem

If you have an existing wasp problem on your property, don't try to tackle it yourself! Wasp removal on your own can cause wasps to get super aggressive when you mess with them. Texas Star Pest & Termite has pest professionals who can safely remove these pests from your property. With our family-owned and operated company, there is no wasp removal project too big or too small for us. The best way to get rid of wasps is by calling Texas Star Pest & Termite today for advice or assistance with your wasp problems.